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Possible new 60m2 Dwelling Rule Exemption?

Susan Edmunds

December 09, 2023, • 05:00am 


Are you ready for possible new changes on buildings Up to 60m2? The government's plans for the supply of houses are nothing short of groundbreaking. While much attention has been focused on property investors and the rental market, significant changes lie ahead for policies driving the overall supply of housing. Let's dive into what's on the horizon and what it means for the future of housing supply and prices.

Rolling Back the Rules: A Return to the Resource Management Act


The government plans to repeal the Natural and Built Environment Act (NBEA) and the Spatial Planning Act, making way for amendments to the Resource Management Act (RMA). This move aims to streamline the consent process for new infrastructure, paving the way for a "fast track, one-stop shop" for consents. But what impact will this have on housing responsiveness and supply?

Chris Bishop will be the minister tasked with overseeing much of the work.ROBERT KITCHIN / THE POST


Making Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS) Optional


The debate around medium density residential standards (MDRS) continues. With National pulling its support, councils may soon have the option to zone for 30 years' worth of growth without adhering to MDRS. What does this mean for housing intensification and the availability of land for development?


Sharing the Wealth: GST on New Residential Builds


A portion of GST collected on new residential builds may soon be shared with councils. But the effectiveness of this move hinges on how councils utilize the funds. Will it truly facilitate development, or will it fall short of expectations?


Exploring Opt-Out Options for Home Builders


Imagine if home builders could opt out of building consent requirements with long-term insurance. This proposal aims to speed up the construction process while shifting responsibility from councils to builders. But will it introduce new risks, or will it pave the way for faster, more efficient construction?

AUT professor of construction John Tookey says there are benefits to allowing builders to opt out.SUPPLIED / STUFF


Unlocking Land for Housing: Zoning for 30 Years' Worth of Demand


Councils will be mandated to zone land for 30 years' worth of housing demand immediately. But is density alone enough to solve the housing crisis? What role does land availability play in addressing housing affordability and community development?


Incentives for Councils: The Build-for-Growth Fund


With the introduction of a $1 billion Build-for-Growth fund, councils stand to gain $25,000 for every house delivered above the five-year average. But what impact will this incentive have on housing delivery and affordability?


Granny Flat Development: A Building Act Amendment


The coalition plans to streamline the process for building granny flats or small structures up to 60m². Will this amendment truly simplify construction, or will it add complexity to an already challenging system?


Shaping the Future of Housing Supply


As the government sets its sights on reshaping the housing landscape, one thing is clear: the future of housing supply is undergoing a transformation. But amidst the reforms and revisions, questions linger.

Will these changes lead to a more responsive and affordable housing market, or are we merely reverting to the status quo? How can we ensure that housing supply meets the evolving needs of our communities?

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the future of housing supply in New Zealand.

Source: Stuff


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