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Terms & Conditions


All of our kit sets are meticulously crafted in accordance with the NASH Standards building code ( The plans accompanying our kit sets serve the sole purpose of facilitating the on-site assembly of frames. Under no circumstances should these plans be directly submitted to the council. We disclaim any responsibility for potential challenges encountered with the council if you choose to proceed with a project based on these plans. It is incumbent upon you to ensure compliance with council regulations, and any subsequent expenses in this regard are entirely your responsibility. To obtain Building Consent (BC), it is imperative that you enlist the services of a qualified engineer and/or architect in conjunction with our plans. Feel free to consult with us if you require assistance in identifying suitable professionals for BC application, although such consultations will incur additional costs borne entirely by you.

Changes & Modifications

All of our kitsets are adaptable to customization to align with your specific requirements. Substantive alterations, such as a comprehensive redesign, resizing, or height adjustments, will attract an additional charge of $150.00 plus GST, reflecting the time invested in the re-design process. Conversely, minor modifications such as the addition or removal of openings, alterations to door/window dimensions and heights, relocation of these elements, or adjustments to internal wall partitions will not result in extra charges. However, the overall price of the kitset will be subject to necessary adjustments to accommodate these alterations.


In adherence to the stipulations outlined in our DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS/REFUNDS disclaimer, a 50% deposit is mandatory prior to the commencement of any re-design work by our dedicated team.

Freight &

Where we are unable to personally deliver your frames, we utilize various freight providers based on your location and their availability. Typically, deliveries by external freight providers will come in flatpack form. Deliveries may be made to the freight provider's depot rather than directly to your property if: a) your property is unsuitable for large trucks, and/or; b) you lack equipment such as fork hoists on-site to unload crates or pallets (not all freight companies in all areas possess hiab-equipped trucks). In such cases, you are responsible for arranging collection or forwarding to your property with the freight company.


By default, our estimated or charged freight component only covers delivery to the freight provider's depot, with delivery to your physical property subject to approval by the freight company. Additional charges for transporting your flatpack frames to your desired location may apply and are your responsibility.


Once your frame kit leaves our factory, any delays in forwarding are your responsibility to track directly with the freight forwarder. While we engage reputable freight forwarders, we cannot continuously follow up with them or monitor their subsequent forwarding of the frame kit. Typically, frame kits are delivered within three to ten days after leaving our factory.


In instances where we deliver your frames as fully assembled panels, we assume your property is suitable for our vehicles and trailers based on your assurance. However, if upon arrival our driver deems your property unsafe or if unexpected obstacles prevent smooth delivery, we reserve the right to offload your frames inside your property gates or as close as safely possible to prevent damage to our vehicles. Your frames will be laid flat for safety, and if you request them to be standing against an existing structure upon delivery, you acknowledge the responsibility to secure them until installation. In most cases, only a driver is sent, hence you agree to have at least two people (or one for small frames) available on your property to assist with unloading.


Additional tolls and ferry costs will be added if applicable.


It is crucial to note that our delivery staff will not unload frames if children or animals are in close proximity to the trailer. You must ensure a safe and clear space environment for unloading. Moreover, any damage caused to hindrances near the offloading location is your responsibility.


When third-party carriers are employed for delivery, it is assumed they possess appropriate insurance coverage. However, their coverage under the Carriers Act for the Carriage of Goods typically amounts to $1,500 per delivery/unit. By accepting delivery through a third-party carrier, you agree to adhere to their Terms and Conditions, which can be provided upon request. We are not liable for any damage to your framing or property during delivery by a third-party carrier.

Deposit, Payments &

Should you opt for either full payment or the settlement of the remaining balance subsequent to an initial deposit for framing, kindly refer to the payment information provided below. In the event an invoice has not yet been generated, rest assured that upon receipt of your payment confirmation, a tax invoice/receipt will promptly be issued.


Pay to the following account:

SmartFraming Limited Limited

ASB 12-3287-0414668-00 (include your name or invoice number in the reference fields).

To secure a slot in our drafting schedule for your framing needs, we kindly request our standard deposit of $1,500 + GST ($1,725 incl) per frame kit, or as specified for your project based on its urgency and scale.

You can conveniently remit this payment to the provided account number, ensuring to include your name or invoice number in the reference fields. Upon receipt of your deposit payment, a tax invoice/receipt will promptly be issued if an invoice hasn't been generated already.

The confirmation of your deposit not only initiates the inclusion of your framing in our manufacturing schedule but also, if applicable, integrates it into the scheduling of our drafting team in the event modifications are requested for one of our kitsets. Once the drafting or manufacturing phase has been initiated for your project, the deposited amount becomes non-refundable.


Should a change in circumstances occur and neither manufacturing nor drafting has commenced on your design plans, a refund ranging from 80-90% (inclusive of GST) of your deposit will be processed, contingent upon the duration of collaboration. If the design process has already commenced, the refundability of your deposit will be determined based on the extent of involvement by our design team.

Tiny Home Frame Install

Our expert team is capable of assembling a tiny home frame kit on your trailer, if necessary, right here at our factory yard.


For erecting a set of frames on your trailer within our yard, we apply a base assembly charge. This charge is $1,450 plus GST for small, tiny homes measuring under 14m². For larger tiny homes on trailers exceeding 14m², the assembly charge is priced up to $2,900 plus GST. Our assembly staff consists of qualified builders boasting over 40 years of combined experience, ensuring precision and quality in their work. Please note that your trailer must be delivered to us with a correctly fastened/installed floor (ply), and we require it for a minimum of 72 hours before it is ready for you to take it away.


We also offer additional services such as laying the ply flooring and inserting floor insulation, although this is subject to negotiation and additional pricing beyond the aforementioned assembly charges. The availability of these services depends on our current workload. Plywood and insulation materials must be purchased by you and sent to our factory from the supplier. It's worth noting that many reputable trailer manufacturers can also provide these services for you.

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