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Explore our curated collection of valuable resources, providing access to essential tools and comprehensive information covering all aspects of light gauge steel framing. Gain insights into the latest advancements and ensure you have everything you need for a thorough understanding of this innovative construction technique.


Welcome to the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH), an industry association that champions the performance, productivity, and sustainability benefits of light steel structural framing systems for residential and low-rise construction in New Zealand. Here you'll find the NASH Standards Building Codes for Light Gauge Steel Framing Construction.

NASH STandards

New Zealand Steel

New Zealand Steel is strengthening the future of steel making in New Zealand for the benefit of communities, industry and the economy.
Guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable products, we are a leading manufacturer of quality steel. Our products are central to major markets including construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, packaging and agriculture. Here you'll find technical data like architectural details in DWG file format as well as information related to the different types of Light Gauge Steel materials.


IBS Sustainable building products. Here you'll find technical details for the RigidRap System, which is one of the leading products in NZ, used as a thermal break and a bracing element when building with Light Gauge Steel Frames.

Framecad Technology

FrameCAD Technology

The FRAMECAD System delivers efficient design and faster construction.
Achieve accelerated delivery of Cold Formed Steel construction with automated engineering and detailing software that integrates with our world leading factory control software, advanced roll forming manufacturing equipment and cloud reporting.

Steel Frame Solutions

At Steel Frame Solutions, we pride ourselves on innovation and expertise, offering a wide range of solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing superior products and services that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Steel Frame Solutions

Technical Resources

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