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30m2 Building Rule Exemptions

Sections 2.1-2.5 outline five distinct exemptions applicable to single-storey detached buildings:

1. Structures with a floor area not exceeding 10 square meters.

2. Single-storey detached buildings with a floor area exceeding 10 square meters but not surpassing 30 square meters, constructed using lightweight materials.

3. Buildings with a floor area exceeding 10 square meters but not exceeding 30 square meters, utilizing a kitset or prefabricated building, where the design has been conducted or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer.

4. Structures not exceeding 30 square meters in floor area, where design and construction supervision are conducted by a Licensed Building Practitioner.

5. Unoccupied detached buildings.

Before embarking on such a project, it's crucial to consider the following factors:

1. District Planning: Ensure compliance with local council regulations, considering factors like site coverage, setback requirements, and permitted activities. Obtain necessary resource consents beforehand if required.

2. Plumbing: Buildings with bathroom facilities necessitate a building consent.

Sleep Out Exempted

Sleep Out Not Exempted

3. Durability: Materials and construction methods must meet Building Code standards to ensure longevity.

4. Smoke Alarms: Installation of interconnected smoke alarms, especially if the structure is intended for sleeping purposes, following guidelines provided in Acceptable Solution F7/AS1.

5. Stormwater Management: Adherence to Building Code requirements regarding stormwater disposal, seeking professional guidance and council approval.

6. On-site Wastewater Disposal Systems: Ensure existing systems can accommodate additional usage if the building is connected to an existing dwelling.

7. Location of Services: Verify the absence of underground services that may interfere with construction, consulting both the local council and service location experts.

8. Building Proximity to Boundaries: Consider fire protection measures as per Building Code requirements, particularly regarding fire spread to neighboring properties.

Sleep Out Height in relation to boundary

9. Net Floor Area Measurement: Measure the net floor area within enclosing walls or posts/columns.

30m2 Floor Plan

Manufacturers of prefabricated buildings are advised to inform purchasers about the proper usage and location requirements to qualify for the exemption from building consent. Failure to adhere to these requirements may necessitate a building consent application from the purchaser.

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